The 2012 Oscars Makeup Trends

This past Sunday we celebrated the 84th year of the Golden Globes; it’s basically the Superbowl of movies and fashion. I always love kicking back and watching the show to view the latest fashions and makeup trends on the red carpet. I’ll admit, often times I’m more interested in the pre-show coverage of the red carpet than the show itself! I saw a lot of great looks, some of my favorites from Emma Stone, Rooney Mara, and Jessica Chastain. There were so many beautiful styles, I could hardly decide which one I loved most!

These red carpet looks often set the stage for Spring and Summer beauty and fashion trends, here are some of the most popular styles I noticed the stars sporting last Sunday…


The perfect red lip can instantly brighten your face and polish off your look. Probably the biggest trend I saw from the red carpet this year!




Winged liner can make a huge statement, whether it is thin and simple or bold and smokey it can create the illusion of bigger eyes and a fuller lash-line.


The classic combination of Red Lips and Bold Liner was also a popular trend!




A golden bronze palette with soft natural lips, love this look! I keep this as my classic go-to style, it can go with almost anything and is always flattering.




Always youthful and fun,  (and a look I’m currently sporting!) fringed bangs can provide a perfect frame for your face.



So these were my picks for Spring and Summer, what were some of your favorite Oscar looks from this year?

(I plan on doing a tutorial for some of my favorite looks from the Oscars a little later this week, so stay tuned!)

2 Responses to “The 2012 Oscars Makeup Trends”
  1. ooooooo! i love HQ pictures! As weird as it sounds I like seeing the little imperfections on celebrities, makes them more human 🙂

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