Bridal Photoshoots – Part 5

Here we are! Our last set from this bridal series! This time, we strayed a little from the “traditional” bridal look. Model Kai wore a stunning vintage 1950’s red dress which also doubled as a fabulous wedding gown. It is very true that brides often wear colors other than white for their wedding in other cultures. Even … Continue reading

Bridal Photoshoots – Part 4

We are back with Part 4 of our bridal photo shoots! For this shoot we worked with beautiful model Simi. We aimed for an elegant and classic look, with beautiful full curly locks and soft and bright makeup to enhance all the right features. Photographers Danielle and Mrinabh took Simi out to Edmonds for a … Continue reading

Bridal Photoshoots – Part 3

The next photos from our bridal series are here! This time we got the opportunity to work with beautiful model Jennifer, the perfect fit for this stylized shoot! With a little inspiration I was able to create the beautiful “bow” hairstyle for her, and talented makeup artist Dani made her already gorgeous face even more … Continue reading

Bridal Photoshoots – Part 2

Hooray! Here are some new photos from our second collaboration with Dutta Photography on our extensive bridal photo shoot project. The theme for this photo shoot was “Retro-Indie” and we shot it in the very eclectic and industrial Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Personally, this was definitely my most fun shoot; despite the cold weather and rain, we got some … Continue reading

Bridal Photoshoots – Part 1

This past month I have had the great pleasure of working with talented photographers Danielle and Mrinabh from Dutta Photography on our extensive bridal photo shoot project. Each of our projects had a theme for inspiration, and members of The Makeup Session team helped in creating the fabulous hair and makeup looks for each photoshoot. Here … Continue reading